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Crate Training Puppies Can Be Quick and Easy

May 7, 2008

Crate training puppies is a great way to meet the needs of you and your puppy inside your home.  It can also stop puppy biting and give your dog a “space” of his own.  

Make it just large enough so the puppy can move around easily, but not so large that a corner can be used as a toilet. A sturdy wire crate with a lock is best.  This allows the puppy to still feel part of things yet can be confined when needed.


Crate training puppies can be a comforting experience for your pet, when they understand that their crate is a safe “space” for them to occupy and is not meant as a punishment.


Calmly place the puppy inside the crate along with a toy and a favorite treat. Close the door quietly and offer praise for being a good dog. When house training a puppy start with just a few minutes of confinement at a time. Progress to longer periods of time until your puppy has adjusted to the confinement. If he is whining, do not give in and let him out.  Be firm but gentle.  Stick to your rules.


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